Which Bag Personality Are You

Which Bag Personality Are You

Which Bag Personality Are You

Which Bag Personality Are You?
Just like us girls, every Caprese bag has an identity of its own. A lot can be said about the girl who carries a certain kind of bag. Her style can be deciphered based on the sort of bag she sports, depending on the place, time and occasion. This is your chance to discover what bag personality you could be with my Spring Summer collection listings!

SLING – The Casual One
The girl who doesn’t believe in carrying excess baggage in any form – whether it’s physical or emotional, The Casual One has a creative and free-spirited personality of her own.



TOTE – The Multi-faceted One
From a shopaholic to a workaholic, the tote gives this girl the ultimate freedom to choose any lifestyle she leads – Even if it’s a multi-faceted one. Comfort with utmost style, the tote makes her the ultimate multi-tasking diva.



HOBO – The Social One
The party animal in this girl keeps her going. The hobo is compact yet has a distinctive silhouette that’s ultra feminine. The Social One does everything in her power to be a classic socialite because she loves being in the company of people



WALLET – The Minimalistic One
She’s the fuss-free girl who likes to hold on to only the bare essentials. Whether it’s a date with her boyfriend or a party with her girlfriends, The Minimalistic One makes the simplest of choices in life but with a punch of colour in the form of a vibrant Caprese wallet.



Being organized comes easily to this girl. She has her plans ready in advance and is very particular about simple but important things like punctuality. One sturdy bag with multiple compartments is all she needs to rule the world!



NAVY WALLET – The Elegant One
She plays safe, but with simplistic yet classic style by opting for a stylish black wallet that’s versatile in nature. Whether she carries it to work or to a dinner party, she can never go wrong with a navy voguish Caprese wallet!



LAPTOP SATCHEL – The Professional One
Even if work and play come together in her life, she tackles it with oodles of style and convenience. The Professional One is a girl who strikes the right balance between her professional and personal life and isn’t afraid to flaunt this quality!


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