10 Stylish Hotspots Seen in London

10 Stylish Hotspots Seen in London

10 Stylish Hotspots Seen in London

London offers a unique experience. This is because the metropolitan city throngs with inhabitants from all around the World. You’ll see different faces, experience a whole new range of tastes, sample delectable foods; and let’s not get started on what their bakeries or café’s offer for breakfast.

When in London, you absolutely must see-

1. Camden Town-
Whether it’s the afternoon or the evening, Camden is bustling with locals as well as visitors. Although about 2.5 miles north of Central London, you’ll see crowds that match the city’s busiest streets. One feature that you will notice that’s not too different from India, is that the streets are laden with hawkers that will sell you interesting trinkets to take home. Beware, tourists usually pay twice the price for souvenirs, so bargain hard.

Camden Town also houses a network of canals that run through the city and allows local tours on water. These canals were widely used back in the olden days to go as far as Spain.


2. Wembley and O2 Stadium, Wimbledon if you’d please-
If you’re a football fan, you’re in for a thrill. You’ve got to go to the O2 Stadium in Greenwich, that’s in South-East London and to the Wembley Stadium in the North-West. Cricket buffs need to head to St. Johns Wood Rd. to go tour Lord’s Cricket Stadium.

If you’re a fan of the tennis championships, then you must visit the evergreen glades of the Wimbledon court at Church Rd. The stadium is set atop a hill, and it’s better to use a bus to get there if you can’t climb the steep slope.

You could also check to see if you could buy yourself a ticket to watch a match; but don’t expect the moon. Depending on which tournament you wish to witness, tickets can be priced steeply. A moderately priced ticket would earn you a seat in the back rows, but that shouldn’t beat you down from experiencing the exhilarating energy of a stadium full of fans.


3. The Big Ben-
Now who hasn’t heard about this wonder. It’s also managed to make its way into the movies and is over a 150 years old. The Big Ben is about 2 storeys tall and ranks as the second largest bell-clock in the World to have four faces. If you do manage to go to the Big Ben, don’t forget to get a few images. They make great memories.


4. London’s Bridges-
The city of London is abundant with bridges. There’s not just one or two but more than 6 important bridges that connect main lands that are intersected by the river Thames. While we’ve all heard of the London Bridge, there’s also the retractable Tower Bridge, The Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, Waterloo Bridge among others. They’re all pleasant to visit and usually have a pedestrian pathway that trails along the river. These paths are a common spot for weekly book-fairs where you could grab an inexpensive read.


5. The Buckingham Place-
Another must-visit in London that throngs with tourists; the palace opens its doors to visitors during the summer. You’ll be able to tour parts of the palace and if you’re lucky, you’ll also witness the crown that bears a part of the Kohinoor diamond. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to tour the insides, a walk around the palace is invigorating too.


6. Soho-
You’ll find a China Town everywhere in the World. Soho is London’s China Town that comes to life post 6 p.m. in the evening. It hosts a line-up of authentic continental restaurants that aren’t too fancy or expensive. Soho also happens to house other interests such as famed arts colleges, discotheques and pubs.


7. Piccadilly Circus and the London Eye-
Set in Central London, Piccadilly Circus houses the city’s largest superstores and stand-alone brand outlets to shop at. Unlike expensive labels sold in outlets at Oxford Street, you’ll find global brands around Piccadilly. You’ll notice that every third store is either a café, eatery or a pub. The area is known to house corporate offices, and if you visit the place on a Friday evening, you’ll see professionals sprawled across the grass after work hours with a cold glass of beer, ushering in a relaxing weekend.

The London Eye or the Millennium Eye gives you a bird’s eye view of London. Situated on the South bank of the river Thames, you’ll be about 443ft. above the ground at the highest point. The Ferris Wheel is owned by British Airways and makes for a popular and unforgettable attraction when in London.


8. Swiss Cottage-
A quaint place unlike any other in London, it sports sparsely populated streets lined with wooden cottages for homes. You’ll find a lot of cafes and pubs around the area which aren’t as noisy or crowded as Central London’s offerings. Some of these pubs also have live bands or famous artists perform for you by the evening.


9. Ministry of Sound-
Situated at Gaunt Street, Ministry of Sound is London’s most popular dance club and is known to be a center for house-music and live-performances. Not to mention, it’s been the center stage for the launch and sales of over 50 top albums. The club attracts more than 3 lakh enthusiasts per day and is open post 7 p.m. in the evenings.


10. Madame Tussauds-
You can’t miss the famous wax museum when you’re in London. They’ve lately added a figurine of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi too. Other Bollywood personalities to have their figurines included on display are Amitabh Bacchan, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwaria Rai, Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif among others.

Apart from having to visit unforgettable places, don’t forget to indulge in local and street foods. Try American food at a Tinseltown outlet, they serve indulgent milkshakes and ice-creams. Whether you’re vegan or otherwise, try their grilled burgers when you visit them.

If you do plan on visiting London, live around the area you like the most. If you’re not picky you could look up clean ‘Bed & Breakfast’ establishments. Not that renting a hotel room is too expensive either. If you’d pay an average of Rs. 3,500 in Bombay, it’s pretty much the same there. Take the Underground to travel long distances quickly and use the bus for short ones. There’s a daily cap that won’t let you spend more than a particular amount on your Oyster travel card; or you could get a day-pass too.