5 Fashion Faux Pas that most of us make

5 Fashion Faux Pas that most of us make

5 Fashion Faux Pas that most of us make

We all indulge in tips and suggestions to look better. Whether it’s our skin, hair or sense of dressing, we’re constantly on the look-out for something new; something that pleases us. And while you can find a million blogs on how to keep up with fashion trends, hardly any of them are willing to tell you what you should not do!

Here’s the 5 most common fashion faux pas each of us make and should avoid:

Aping another’s taste-

So you’ve got subscriptions to top fashion magazines. You must also spend quite some time window-shopping and trend-searching on the Internet. But would you really dress like a cover-model to work? While a lot of trends look mod in a magazine, they don’t make for realistic choices in the every-day world. Try and stick with choices that allow you to feel and behave like yourself. Trying out something drastically different or aping someone else’s tastes may make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Wearing the right lingerie

One of the most common mistakes we make is wearing the wrong underwear. When you’re dressed, take a minute to look at yourself and your outfit in the mirror. An off-shoulder or boat-necked outfit would require you to wear a strap-less bra or one that has transparent straps. If you’re used to wearing low-waist jeans, always ensure to get the right fitting underwear so it doesn’t show above the waistline of your pants.

Choose comfort over fashion

Who doesn’t love an outfit that clads your body with just the right fit? While you may think it’s okay for your dress to be a tad bit tight, there is a very good possibility that the material may split at the seams when your body flexes. Apart from the embarrassment of your clothes splitting, you will also feel awkward in body-hugging outfits. When picking your clothes, ensure you are completely comfortable in what you’ve tried out. Stretch your arms and legs to determine if you’ll be able to walk around or move your hands freely. Along with restricting free-movement, you will continually be conscious about your discomfort, which stops you from enjoying the occasion you’ve worked so hard to dress for. Try a size bigger in the same outfit, it may not look as great, but it will certainly feel much better.

Agonizing footwear

You’re obviously going to want to slip into footwear that matches your outfit. We say- don’t do it at the cost of your comfort! Dress in accordance with the occasion. Your svelte black dress calls for those patent leather heels, but would you be able to go through an entire day at work with your feet bound, toes arched and calves stiffened? You could wear 6-inch heals to a wedding, a party or such an occasion that lasts a few hours. Don’t agonize your feet just to look better, instead dress well to feel better.

Creased outfits

Always remember to iron your clothes. Creased clothes give-off the impression of being unkempt. You may have a dazzling shirt, pant or dress; but if you haven’t taken the time to ensure it is crease-free, you stand to make less of an impression. Not to mention, creased clothes also appear as though they were worn and stored unwashed before the next use. Some clothing materials are either too flimsy or too thick to be ironed with a regular iron. You’d need a muslin cloth for skinny outfits and a steam iron for heavily creased jeans. If you’ve never done the ironing yourself, try your hand at it with a few inexpensive clothes. If you’re not too sure about your ironing skills, get your favourite outfits ironed by a professional, but ensure to store your clothes correctly so they do not develop creases in your closet.