5 Tips on Weekend Style Inspiration

5 Tips on Weekend Style Inspiration

You’ve spent a long week working hard and can’t wait to step out and break a leg over the weekend. The best part is, you’re not bound to how you should dress like when you’re at work, so you’ve got the opportunity to pull-on any look that pleases you.

Here’s what you can do to look your best on your weekends out:

Discover and Plan:

There’s a lot of style inspiration to be drawn from the Internet. Social media sites sport groups that talk about the latest trending clothing, accessories and brands that will tell you what’s hot and what’s not. There are a number of fashion publications that tip you off on recommended fabrics, colours and fits that you should resort to that keep in line with current fads as well as the weather.

Look around to see what catches your eye, so you have a more creative outlook when putting two-and two together from your own wardrobe.

Discover and Plan

Turn it up a notch

It’s the weekend, the whole point is that you let your hair down and have some fun. Don’t dress modestly as you stand the chance of going unnoticed; unless that’s what you’re gunning for. You don’t necessarily have to pull out the best dress, you could show up in a simple but ‘flawlessly white’ shirt, tucked-in with the right-fitting jeans; and still take the cake.

Turn it up a notch

Think of contrast not synchrony

It’s not about matching pastels anymore. The new look is all about bold colours. Try reds, yellows and parrot greens. Mix and match colours to bring out the shade of your skin, eyes and make-up. Decide on what colour you’d want to wear in accordance with the venue of your party or get-together. If it’s a well-lit place you’re good to wear most colours, but if you’re going to an under-lit pub or discotheque, try to stick with yellows and whites.

Think of contrast not synchronya

Mind the weather

Apart from the location of your party, you’d want to bear the weather in mind before you decide on how to dress. The monsoons are here and you’d want to keep warm. Outfits like short dresses or off-shoulder tops could leave you with the chills; both in an air-conditioned environment as well as outdoors in the evenings. On the other hand, don’t go all the way to don your winter-wear. You’re likely to get a little wet in the rains and your thick clothes will remain damp. Cottons should do the trick to help you stay comfortable regardless of the weather as well as look stylish at the same time.

Mind the weather

Try a dry run

Don’t wait for the last minute to be disappointed. You may have paid attention to all our tips and put together the perfect look for your weekend night-out, only to realize your clothes are either too loose or too tight. When you’ve made up your mind, try your outfit. Walk around the house, sit at a table, flex a little to ensure you will be comfortable and nag-free when you’ve stepped out on the weekend. If you find that your outfit doesn’t fit right, rummage through your closet and look for an alternative.

Your weekends are about setting yourself free. What should inspire you is the desire to dress well, look and feel nice; so you can enjoy yourself in the moment! You needn’t have the latest clothes or the most expensive makeup, all you need is a little variation in your sense of style and a little oomph. It’s just like adding some salt and pepper to enliven bland cooking.