Need a Timeout From Work ?? Top 10 Tips For You to Try

Need a Timeout From Work ?? Top 10 Tips For You to Try

Need a Timeout From Work ?? Top 10 Tips For You to Try

Whether you realize it or not, you are not a machine. And even if you were, you’d still need your rest. Working 10 hours a day has become a norm in the 21st century lifestyle. Such overworking of an individual is able to cause an early burn-out leading you to often be anxious, bored or unhappy at the workplace.

Breaks needn’t be an instance where you escape to another city of country for a few days. They can be simple actions that allow you to overcome the overwhelming nature of your work, thus encouraging you to go back to work headstrong.

Here are 10 few tips:

Try relaxation techniques

You’ll be surprised to notice how effective simple breathing exercise can be. Seat yourself in a relaxed position. Take a few moments to consciously relax your muscles from head to toe, releasing any strain caused by your current posture. Close your eyes; think of nothing at all. In sets of 5, slowly breathe in and out to the extent that you feel your lungs fill up and release. Try 5 sets. It should leave you feeling enlivened with an increased amount of oxygen having circulated through your body.

Keep your cool

Try and stay cheerful at work. You’re bound to have both good days and bad. Take the latter to be a learning curve if there’s a lesson to learn and rise above it. Brooding over an argument or misunderstanding will not help resolve an issue. Instead try and talk it over with the person concerned so you are both able to return to an amicable work environment the following day.

Take 5 mins every hour

A seated posture is able to hamper proper blood-flow to and from the lower half of your body. Common issues include a prickly or tingly sensation in the feet, warm rushes up the legs as well as numb legs. You can avoid this by simply standing up from your seat and walking around the office a little bit. This will ensure that your blood is circulated throughout your body and you will also be left feeling better.


Just like standing up from your seat helps, stretching your arms and legs intermittently can release muscle strain and leave you feeling relaxed and energized. If you cannot find a private space at the office to stretch, try it out around your work-station, if the space permits. Should you feel awkward about exercising at work, try and get a colleague to join you and see if it makes you feel any better.

Sign up for a hobby/interest

Request your office management for permission so you can your colleagues can collectively pursue a hobby at work. This can be either done before or after work hours, and even during the day if your management is willing to permit it. There’s a wealth of trainers and instructors that tie up with offices to teach both professional as well as vocational courses that will help divert your mind from your daily desk-routine.

Talk to someone sensible

There’s nothing better than getting a load of your chest with a conversation. Approach a fellow colleague, dear friend or loved one and discuss the issues you may have at work. Your friend may have a different opinion from yourself that may be helpful. If not, you’ll still feel better letting it all out rather than bottling it up within yourself.

Take time to read

If you like to read, carry your book along with you to work. There shouldn’t be an issue with you taking some time off from work to read some bits of a chapter. It will help you calm your mind at work when you find it overwhelming. If you don’t particularly want to read a book, you could spend some time sifting through the news where you might find something that peaks your curiosity.

Listen to light and enlivening music

Everyone’s got a smartphone capable of playing music. Listening to music has been proven to increase neuro-stimulation as well as calm your nerves. Pick genres of your liking. It need not necessarily just be instrumental and could be just about anything that peps you up. Listening to your favourite tracks can help you calm down and go about your day more productively.

Motivate yourself

Find ways to keep yourself motivated towards work. The same routine can make things mundane and cause disinterest as well as lowered productivity. Find interesting methods of completing your daily tasks so you aren’t bored to do them day after day. Double up with a colleague so you’ll can help by motivating each other when you’ll need it.

Make recreational suggestions:

Every employer understands the importance of recreational activities. Suggest activities will help in keeping you and your fellow colleagues motivated as well as energetic. You could ask your company or agency if they would be willing to accommodate indoor entertainment activities such as foosball, board games or digital games to help employees alleviate their stress at work.

Not only do they help pep-up the work-force, but such an exercise also doubles-up as team-building stints; increasing co-operation, interaction as well as amicability among employees.