What Does Your Favourite Caprese Bag Say About You?

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A bag is an important accessory. It defines your style, distinguishes yourself from others, completes your outfit and carries your world. Your personal, go-to bag says a lot about your fashion sense and overall personality, and we are here to tell you just that! We’ve compiled some standout Caprese arm candies which will clarify in a bit more detail what your bag could say about you.

So, let’s jump right in.

  1. The Got-Your-Back Backpack.

    If style and comfort is your mantra, then the classic backpack is definitely your pick. You love it for its functionality without compromising on style. Carrying a backpack doesn’t weigh you down on your sides the way a shoulder bag does. Plus, backpacks add a youthful charm to casual outfits. They are perfect for when you’re exploring the town for more than a couple of hours.
    Here’s one such bag for you - GERA BACKPACK IN PASTEL GREEN 

  2. The Trusty Tote.

    You can’t deny a tote’s ability to carry multiple items for when you’re on the go. If the tote is your bag of choice, it’s because you are versatile and always thinking ahead. It’s safe to assume that you like to stay prepared for any situation by having the essentials on you at all times. You’re practical and vigilant, but that doesn’t mean you’re lacking in the fashion department.
    Here’s a bag for you - TRACY TOTE MEDIUM IN BLACK 

  3. The Slinky Sling.

    You probably believe in ‘less is always more’ if the sling bag is your favourite. Slings are fun and subtle, yet functional. They are well-liked for their petite size that is big enough to carry a few personal possessions. You don’t like to be weighed down by a handbag and hence you go for smaller ones which make a great fashion impression. Essentially, you like to be light on your feet.
    Here’s a perfect match for you – CLARICE BUCKLE SLING 

    Did we get it right? Don’t forget to let us know your favourite type of bags!

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